Cooking Class

Vietnam is one of the countries that have the long history of food culture. The country boasts one of the most diverse, delicious and healthy gastronomies in the world. As someone said, if there is anything to conclude about Vietnamese food, it can only be the “unpredictable diversity”. Indeed, each Vietnam’s region – North, Central and South has something to be proud of


At Red Bean restaurants, we believe immersion in Vietnamese cuisine through combining a cooking class with a market food tour is a delicious way to learn more about the country, history and culture.

Vietnam has one of the world’s most diverse, culturally significant and healthiest of cuisines. A fusion of many principles makes Vietnamese cooking so irresistibly delicious and seductively special. Vietnamese cuisine combines the five elements of metal, wood, fire, water and earth with a melting pot of cultures inspired by France, China, India and other Asian nations. The result is a unique food philosophy, deceptively simple yet deliciously complex.

Through a Red Bean cooking class, you will gain experience in creating and cooking authentic Vietnamese dishes in a fun, hands on way. This is also a chance to listen to an insider’s view on the importance of food in Vietnamese society, the significance of different combinations, origins and traditions of the dishes you will create, as well as skills needed for selecting and combining the best ingredients. You will come away with a newfound appreciation and understanding of Vietnamese cooking.

Join our hands-on private cooking class for a fun yet authentic Vietnamese cooking experience.


Option 1

Vietnamese Noodle With Beef (Phở Bò)

Hanoi Deep-fried Spring Rolls (Nem Chiên)

Hanoi Grilled Pork (Bún Chả)

Option 2

Vietnamese Noodle With Chicken (Phở Gà)

Green Mango Salad With Seafood (Nộm Xoài Hải Sản)

Grilled Fish In Hanoi Style (Chả Cá)

DAILY FROM 10:30 TO 14:00 AND 14:30 TO 18:00



1 participant: US$65
2 participants: US$55/person
3 participants: US$45/person
4 participants: US$35/person

Children policy:
Over 12 years old: Adult price,
Under 12 years old: US$15.00 per child
(Accompanied by a parent)


– Includes the guidance and expert instruction from our chef, English speaking market guide, market tour and market fees, cook-ing lesson concluded with lunch or dinner.

– All guests will receive detailed recipe cards and a gift to take home at the end of the class.

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellation noticed on the same date of service, 50% of total class fee will be charged.

Red Bean Cooking Classes are offered every morning or afternoon:
Class 1
10:00 - 14:00
Class 2
14:30 – 18:00

Include market tour

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